Transfer of vaccines to La Paz together with the Ministry of Health of Argentina

In conjunction with the Argentine Ministry of Health, the air shipment of a donation of Rotavirus vaccines to the State of Bolivia was coordinated by the Argentine Ministry of Health to the Bolivian Ministry of Health, in which CrossRacer Cargo provided services through its commercial and operational units. There were 200 thousand doses of Rotavirus vaccine, which resulted in a total of 668 canned goods with controlled temperature from +2° to +8°, departing from Ezeiza International Airport to La Paz, Bolivia.

Nova International, whom we thank for their confidence in CrossRacer, was who articulated the operation, resulting in a total of 5 flights of our regular route with Boliviana de Aviación from Ezeiza to Santa Cruz de la Sierra and its subsequent connection to La Paz (from Tuesday May 23 to Friday May 26).

This is the second time that CrossRacer works together with the governments of Argentina and Bolivia, in the coordination and shipment of air cargo of medical supplies, after the shipment of vaccines during the pandemic.

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